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greenhouse film fasten band

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Greenhouse film fasten band

│ Description │

Recently, there are lots of loss or damages in agriculture industry cause by weather anomaly. Especially, ‘greenhouse’ is vulnerable to gale wind and heavy snow.
Our ‘film band for greenhouse ’ can support greenhouse film firmly against that kinds of gale wind and snowfall. And also, it can help snow to slip away from the surface of the greenhouse roof.
You can also fix branches of trees with this band.
This product is now using many ways in agriculture and fisheries.

│ Features │

* Using many hyper-strong thread, coating with high pressure, this band has sufficient durable coating quality against strong wind and long-term using.
* It has low surface coefficient of friction and is soft. So it’s suitable to fixing greenhouse film.
* Anti – UV function.
* +Reduce +Reuse +Recycle = Cost savings, preventing of environmental poll

│ Specification │

* Width: 12 mm
* Weight: 3 kg/roll
* Length: 300 m/roll
* tensile strength : over 700(N)
* Raw material description
- Thread : HDPE
- Coating : LDPE + EVA + Antioxidant

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greenhouse film fasten band

greenhouse film fasten band

greenhouse film fasten band